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Which Architectural Home Style is Best for You?

There’s plenty to think about when designing your home—location, how many levels, square footage, materials—but one of the most fun can be choosing an architectural style (or combination of styles) that speaks to you.

Architectural Style Rocky Mountain Plan Company

You’ve probably had a vision of what your dream home would look like since you were a child. Did it have soaring ceilings with timber trusses? A wraparound porch with rocking chairs? Expansive windows and clean lines? Turrets and balconies? Architecture can and should affect us on an emotional level, and it’s worth it to take your time and find out what design elements bring you joy and fit your lifestyle and priorities. 

In the past, residential architecture followed regional and historical trends for the most part, but homeowners today can more freely blend and combine styles for a custom fit. When planning your own home, Pinterest and Houzz can be great resources to start gathering images and ideas you like in order to find a style or a blend that is uniquely you.

Over the next few weeks, we’re going to be taking a deeper look at the history of some of the most popular residential styles in America, including the details and hallmarks that gave each it’s signature charm and appeal. We hope you’ll join us!

Also, keep in mind that the talented team of home designers and drafters at Rocky Mountain Plan Company can take any of our floor plans and come up with a re-designed exterior to suit your preferred architectural style. Get in touch if you would like to discuss changes to any plan.

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