The Mansions & Millennials Home Collection is here!

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The Mansions & Millennials Home Collection: 16 House Plans for Dreamers, From Tiny Houses and Pocket Neighborhoods to Luxury Homes

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The Mansions & Millennials

plan book truly is a collection for dreamers, showcasing some of our favorite floor plans on the very small and the very large scale. This collection of 16 plans explores the outliers of the mid-size residential experience, including 7 floor plans for large, impressive estates, and 9 plans that fit the Millennial market, including prefab micro cabins, duplexes, and pocket neighborhood plans. Although these homes are at the opposite ends of the spectrum and suit very different needs, it’s architecturally very fulfilling to look at both the macro and the micro, and take inspiration from both.

Luna Lake, by Del Doty, a 5260 square foot stunning estate


The Mansions & Millennials Home Collection

The Mansions & Millennials Home Collection 

is for those who think differently, whether you dream 

of the freedom of a micro home, the supportive community of a pocket neighborhood, or the privacy of a luxury estate. Eco cabins, granny flats, and guest cottages all offer the comfort of home with the affordability to live rent and mortgage free and the flexibility to live anywhere, from the city center to a mountaintop. A mansion on the other hand, provides attentive care to your every need, with plenty of space for retreat, hobbies, and entertaining, while a pocket neighborhood offers real relationships, shared spaces, and support. 

This plan collection showcases 7 stunning mansion plans ranging from 3200-7900 square feet in a variety of architectural styles, including a feature on Neoclassical design, and also includes a profile on late Colorado Springs residential designer Del Doty. 

Paintbrush, by BBKern Designs, a 440 square foot granny flat


The Mansions & Millennials Home Collection

We’ve also included many innovative smaller homes that are just right for


Young families and professionals today are reinventing the market, looking to redevelop the urban core of many cities and live smaller, but with a greater sense of community and personal satisfaction. To do this requires an honest assessment of values and belongings, and a very creative mind toward making a small space perform many different functions. This collection shows off 5 small homes ranging from 440-1500 square feet that are designed to be comfortable tiny homes on their own and also offer the flexibility to grow. 

Aspen, by LGA Studios, a 576 square foot pocket neighborhood



The Mansions & Millennials Home Collection

We at Rocky Mountain Plan Company are very interested in

pocket neighborhoods. We love the sense of community they create and the lifestyles they foster, as well as how adaptable these neighborhoods are, tucking in to any city or town and reenergizing an area. We have quite a few floor plans and homes that fit the pocket concept beautifully and offer affordable options with great design, and we put together a little feature about pocket neighborhoods in this collection, along with a sampling of 4 plans ranging from 575-1300 square feet that would fit perfectly in a pocket neighborhood.

As always, we take great care to include plans that live beautifully, with open floor plans, thoughtful details, and, in many cases, consider aging in place and sustainable design. This collection includes plans and expertise from 

LGA Studios

BBKern Designs

, and 

3 Trees Drafting

, along with plans by Del Doty, Michelle Williams, and Stacy Austin.

Whether you’re looking for a home under 500 square feet or over 5000 (or somewhere in between), we hope you find something that inspires you in this collection, it’s been a fun one to put together.

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The Mansions & Millennials Home Collection

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