It's here! Check out The Wildflower Collection, featuring 13 accessible floor plans

The Wildflower Collection

We’re excited to share our third and newest plan book with you, The Wildflower Collection! It’s now available for purchase

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This collection is all about accessibility and aging in place, and features 13 beautiful homes with floor plans optimized for accessibility. The thirteen homes included are primarily ranch homes, ranging from


square feet and representing a variety of architectural styles, with Arts and Crafts, Contemporary, Spanish, Old World, and Prairie elevations. Floor plans include El Diente Peak, San Juan, Edge Lake, Mount Bross, Blue Bonnet, Larkspur, Spring Lake, Glacier Lake, Sunflower, Primrose, Kinnikinnik, Goldenrod, and Willow Lake.

Image from the Accessible Features article, by Bernie Kern

Accessibility is a critical concern as we age or face unexpected lifestyle changes; we’ve had clients who are young, wounded veterans with the rest of their lives ahead of them who want to enjoy a beautiful home attuned to their needs and raise a family, as well as empty nesters and aging baby boomers who want to build a home for this exciting new chapter in life and just want to reduce or eliminate stairs. For any client, thoughtful attention to accessibility early on can be a great way to ensure that you don’t have to give up your dream home, whether wheelchair access is a factor right now, or just to give you the peace of mind to know that you have that functionality already built in so you won’t need to use stairs to go about your daily routine and you will be able to retain your home and independence as you age.

RMPC brainstorming session

Accessibility is a significant architectural consideration, not just for commercial projects, but for residential building as well, and it’s a great way to think deeply about good design and what that means so that form and function are in perfect balance, allowing architecture to truly enrich your life and make it easier.

Goldenrod expanded spread in the Wildflower Collection

We at Rocky Mountain Plan Company have really had the benefit of moving forward on this collection with the full team on a topic that is so important to all of us.

3 Trees Drafting


BBKern Designs

, and

LGA Studios

all contributed valuable expertise and time in developing or adapting floor plans that blend accessibility, comfort, and style, for a collection we are very proud of. Bernie Kern wrote up a great piece on home features and considerations that can make a home more comfortable and accessible, and he also contributed several floor plans to the collection, including his Goldenrod plan, an Old World beauty that was customized for a disabled client and constructed to ADA standards. We also included photographs of this constructed home, which has been the first time we’ve expanded the coverage of specific floor plans in our collection, and we really think this tells an even more complete story of the types of homes we love to offer, with thoughtful details and style.

The Primrose elevation

LGA Studios contributed several beautiful floor plans as well as a style page on Arts and Craft architecture. Larry Gilland also included the elevation and floor plan for his own upcoming home, the Sunflower, a stunning and sustainable contemporary ranch plan.

This issue also includes a special floor plan and report from members of the

Collaborative Design Group


The Primrose plan is a home that we came up with through a live charrette session at the most recent HBA show, and it is a fully accessible home and a joy to live in, while still fitting into a smaller lot.

An accessible main level floor plan

We’ve selected some of our favorite floor plans of all sizes for this collection, from sprawling homes that serve as their own peaceful retreat, filled with all the extras so you never get bored and including space for hobbies and entertaining, therapy pools, and media rooms, to smaller homes that allow you to downsize and simplify your life without sacrificing an inch of style. You’ll see that the floor plans included here have wide hallways, spacious kitchens, and sketched-in circles that note wheelchair maneuverability, and the homes in this collection offer all-on-one level living, meaning that they allow for a stair free daily routine, from the time you get out of the garage to the moment you retire for the evening, with all laundry rooms, kitchens, indoor and outdoor living areas, studys, and master suites being on the main level. Many of these homes also have fabulous lower levels with additional bedrooms and media or game rooms, and in these cases, we’ve noted easy space for elevator access, making for a simple addition to your home later on or upon initial construction. We’re also delighted to welcome

Morning Star Elevator

as a trusted affiliate and recommendation for this special kind of work.

 We hope you enjoy The Wildflower Collection, and that it inspires you further to see how design can enhance your life. Pick up your copy today!